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 Go check out www.AutumnInJune.com // New design ** plus merch is now up for sell! ✨✨ Fuxk with us! xx  tb : on stage w/ #kurupt  In Dr.Dre's studio last night. How was your Saturday night? // Anyways, I want to thank everyone who downloaded my album, I got 4,000 DOWNLOADS IN THE FIRST 5 DAYS!!! So hyped seeing how I only just started releasing music 5 months ago!  If you haven't got it yet go get it at www.autumninjune.com Thanks for fucking with me ❤ xx  Shoutout to everyone who came out to my album release party! I had a blast!! New album out now! - www.autumninjune.com xx  Will you look at that!.. Posters all over town yo!!!  New album out now! - www.AutumnInJune.com  The official track list of the upcoming album out September 16. Check out the album premirer at - http://www.underthegunreview.net/2014/09/10/utg-exclusive-autumn-in-june-album-premiere/ Pre-orders now at www.autumninjune.com xx    We Making A Name for ourselves out here. xx The Autumn In June album drops September 16, spread the muthafucking word!! #music  Written, recorded, produced, mastered, printed and now its in my hands! First look at my new album! Released September 16th!
 Making A Name.  Me & my manager Ripley my muthafucking man!!  Everybody wants to be number one, but it's lonely at the top, a lot of phonies at the top, can't chill with the homies on the block, cause they jelaous they envy you and they're hungry for your spot.  Come check out the hustle, the vision and the way we do it! Its more than just a dream, come be a part of it, you don't want to miss this shit.  From that otha time.... Miss that lil truck.  I walk around flipping the bird cause I could give a fuck less.  Short Hurr TBT bak against the building I'm the vi||ian //  Autumn In June  There is literally no better feeling than waking up in the back of a car on the way to Vegas with the windows down and the trance music blaring! #EDC #Vegas
 Style Fashion Week LA.  Sauvignon Blanc  Go check out all the pics from my album release party last Saturday! Facebook.com/autumninjune xx  An independent young hustler Making A Name for myself out here!.. So if you get up and hustle everyday and work hard to Make A Name for yourself to get closer to your dreams, then you're already part of the crew, consider yourself family! The hustle of MAKING A NAME. lll/\ll  Definitely one of my favorites @geeking4life ! // Post a screenshot of your favorite song on the new album and tag me! Let me know what you rocking with!  New album out Sep. 16 || fuck with us! - www.autumninjune.com  Wicked ~ w/ #aliceglass  The talented Mr.Ripley wearing an Autumn In June shirt.  Just finished filming the video for my latest single "Weeks". Video will be released Thursday! #NewMusic #AutumnInJune  New single "Weeks" available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon mp3, Spotify, and as a free download at www.AutumnInJune.com #autumninjune #weeks #officialrelease #itunes #googleplay #spotify #availableeverywhere #availablenow #newmusic #newindiemusic #newsingle #yeaboy

The sounds coming from Autumn in June’s backyard studio are in sharp contrast to the music you will hear palpitating from car speakers on the street outside. Taking a chance and breaking from the confines of a rap saturated environment, Autumn In June began creating an innovative fusion of pulsating rhythms and vocals reminiscent of British trip hop. This was an unexpected occurrence in one of LA’s most ghettoized communities, and quickly resulted in him adopting a name to reflect his misplacement in this world, Autumn In June.

Growing up on the streets of South Central, Autumn In June’s childhood was saturated by violence, gang culture and a community revere for gangster rap. However, he saw limitations in the genre that dominated his neighborhood and, ultimately, began to experiment with new styles.

Autumn in June’s self-titled album (due out 9/16) tears apart the rule book of what music from ghettoized communities is supposed to be. Combining stories of inner-city poverty and gang culture with mellow electronic synths, the outcome is a stream of hard-hitting lyrics, diverse sounds and raw passion.

With uncompromising lyrics and a desire to stay true to his urban roots, Autumn in June is using music to forge a path of innovation, breaking the mold of what is expected.


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